With NICODERM® and NICORETTE®, you can choose from a wide range of products to match your patients’ needs.

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  • Double the quit rate vs. placebo at 6 weeks (NICODERM® 21
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  • The REDUCE-TO-QUIT® program can increase the chances of quitting by up
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  • Instant-release mouth spray
  • Effectively gets to work on cravings in just
  • ...


  • Helps satisfy the hand-to-mouth ritual
  • Helps double the chance of quitting
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  • Lozenge dissolves completely in the mouth93
  • Helps manage breakthrough cravings
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Other Treatment Options

Learn more about other treatment options to help patients quit smoking, including...

There are <strong>effective strategies</strong> that can increase a smoker’s chances of quitting, like Reduce to Quit® with NRT.

Order Patient Counselling Tools

Supporting your counselling efforts, we are happy to provide you with printed education materials on smoking cessation. Simply order through Physician’s Online.<br>Not a physician? Call 1.800.363.6871.

NICODERM® and NICORETTE® products should not be used for more than 6 months.

“The vast majority of people who attempt to quit without help are back smoking within 8 days (Hughes et al 2003). Counselling and smoking cessation medications very significantly increase the chances of success and both should be offered as a matter of course.” (Fiore et al 2008)