Tools For Patients New to Smoking Cessation

A helpful introductory handout for patients who may be considering smoking cessation for the first time; this handout may be useful for distribution after a Quick Counselling session.

Tools For Patients with Prior Attempts

For those who have attempted to quit, this handout provides alternative strategies on how to quit for good.

Tools For Patients Lacking Motivation to Quit

Even for patients who are not sure that they want to quit or are having difficulty finding motivation, it is worthwhile having a QC session.

Support Groups

Quitting is difficult – find the support and resources that can help you stay on the right track to quitting, including contact information for support groups.

Quit Your Own Way

A resource for patients contemplating quitting smoking and their smoking cessation journey.

Managing Cravings

Managing cravings is one important key to successfully quitting. Learn more about how to tackle cravings and avoid triggers.